Don’t let your restaurant go up in flames because you didn’t want to plan for the unthinkable. Many businesses hit by a disaster, whether that is fire, flood, civil disturbance, or something that seems smaller, like an patron’s accident in their business, or the loss of a key supplier, never reopen.

Experts agree that this would probably not be the case with proper planning. Let Alpha Omega help you determine the best insurance plan to help you get back on your feet in case of a crisis, and offer you some peace of mind.

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  • Multiple Peril Policy
  • Building Property Damage
    •     Fire Insurance
    •     Flood Insurance
    •     Demolition Insurance
  • Content & Personal Property Damage
  • Fire Insurance
  • Boiler & Machinery Insurance
    •     Business Interruption
    •     Direct Damage
  • Business Operations Inland
  • Marine Insurance
    •     Valuable papers
    •     Electrical Signs
    •     Transportation Policy
    •     Motor Truck Cargo
    •     Owners’ Policy
  • Time Element Insurance
    •     Business Interruption
    •     Earnings Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
    •     Product Liability
    •     Contractual Liability
    •     Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Crime Insurance License
  • Bonds
  • Liquor Liability Policy
  • Life Insurance
    •     Sole Proprietorship
    •     Partnership
    •     Key Man Insurance
    •     Group Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
    •     Hospitalization Insurance
    •     Major Medical Expense Insurance
    •     Travel Accident Insurance