Mobile Home

Depending on the situation, living in a Mobile Home as a permanent residence, your insurance needs may vary. Alpha Omega will work together with you to ensure that you have the proper coverage. Mobile homes without wheels and resting on blocks or a permanent foundation meet the requirements for a homeowners policy.

Most mobile homes are insured by a mobile owner’s policy. A mobile owner’s policy is an auto policy that covers mobile homes used as residences. Mobile owners’ policies offer extremely limited coverage.

Alpha Omega can provide all of the insurance coverage you may need to protect your entire mobile home investment, including:

  • An attached deck and patio
  • Additional buildings such as storage sheds and garages
  • Special endorsements for valuable articles
  • Even additional living expenses you may incur, such as hotel bills, meals, while you are forced to move out of your mobile home because of an incurred loss.

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Mobile Home Insurance Quote

  •   Smoke detectors
      Fire extinguisher
      Alarm - Local
      Alarm - Monitored

  •   Fireplace
      Swimming pool
  •   Dogs