Finding A Healthy Insurance Plan

An illness can come up at any time and not only delay you from going back to work, but it can also cause you to find yourself in debt due to medical bills. Instead of living in constant fear of getting seriously ill, get a health insurance plan that will help take away the monetary burden.

Make A List

Before you bite the bullet and buy a health insurance plan, sit down and make a list of the things you want to be included in your policy. US News and World Report suggest including your current doctor, prescriptions you take, and extras like maternity coverage. Once you have your list, check the different plans’ networks to make sure the things you listed as important are included in that package.

It’s All About The Premiums

When considering plans, Forbes suggests to not automatically go with a lower premium. They suggest to look at the typical co-pays, a small percentage of costs you pay when you use a service, and the annual deductible. If you are prone to illness or have a preexisting condition, going with a lower premium may not be the best option since the deductible will be very high.

A lower premium plan does have its perks not only with the lower cost, but also the possibility of your plan being eligible for a health savings account. An HSA lets you save money on a pre-tax basis and then use that money tax-free for medical expenses. If you withdraw the money for other reasons, you’ll be charged a penalty and have to pay taxes. Anything you don’t use can be withdrawn penalty free after you turn 65.

If you’re unsure on which plan would be best for you or your family, come in or give us at Alpha Omega Insurance a call today!