About Alpha Omega


Alpha Omega Insurance Group, L.P. was established in 2004 in a merger between Alpha Omega Insurance Services, Inc. and Dean & Draper Insurance Agency, Inc. to serve the insurance needs of the many business and individuals located in the State of Texas.

We take pride in the quality service provided to our customers, our community concern, and our commitment to the overall development of out employees.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we represent some of the top insurance companies in the country. That means better coverage, at a competitive price. Because we are substantial in size and strength, the placing of large or difficult policies is handled quickly and accurately by our commercial lines staff.

Our employees are licensed insurance professionals. We encourage and provide ongoing training to keep them up to date on the most recent changes in our industry.


Each one of our experienced staff average over 15 years of insurance experience amongst them. In addition to benefiting from our excellent service, other unique benefits you receive as a preferred commercial client include our Client Service Plan and Insurance Risk Management Review.

These reports are designed to keep you abreast of your business insurance program throughout the year. Our Risk Management philosophy is to help you identify and control both your insurance dollars and potential claims within your business environment.

If an individual seeks to insure his home, his jewelry, his auto, business or airplane, Alpha Omega will work with a company that can meet these specialized needs. If a client company seeks a benefit plan for hundreds of employees, Alpha Omega can search through the offerings of many firms for the best offer. Whether a customer wants flood insurance or protection on a skyscraper, Alpha Omega knows where to lead the client.

“Success isn’t just about making money. It is about having ethics, building relationships, and feeling, at the end of the day, that you have done something worthwhile.”

Types of Insurance We Offer

Alpha Omega offer commercial and personal property and casualty insurance as well as life and group health insurance. Alpha Omega also offer a variety of personal insurance policies, ranging from life and health to auto, motorcycle, and homeowners. The company insures boats, maritime facilities and aircraft.

Alpha Omega designs specialized insurance plans for all types of companies including:

  • Oil and Gas Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Electronics Firms
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesale-Retail Distributors
  • Law Firms
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Waste Haulers and Wreckers

Relationships are important on every level, with both clients and employees. A combination of careful hiring and employee education make for a high-level team of associates. Alpha Omega tests each associate to determine where they will best fit in the firm. Sales and service can then operate where they have the best aptitude. The clients want agents to understand their industry, translate that understanding to a tailored policy for their needs and respond immediately to their problems. Alpha Omega hires and retains individuals with strong technical backgrounds.

Clients can also transact most of their insurance business by e-mail with Alpha Omega’s agents. Contact us today!